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Hello Spring? + 5 Ideas for February


You may be thinking – Spring?  It sure doesn’t look like spring yet in Seattle….

I grew up in Washington State and for me, February marks a transition zone from Winter to Spring.  The days are getting longer, there are small signs of Spring with buds on the trees, daffodils are starting to sprout, and the temperatures start to climb above 40 degrees, and we see more and more of that lovely sunshine we’ve all been missing.

There are some great things to do in February around Seattle – check them out!February 4:


  1. February 4: Attend the Chinese Lunar New Year Festival
  2. February 10: Attend the University of Washington Cultural Fest
  3. February 22-26: Attend the Flower and Garden Show
  4. Anytime: Take a hike at St. Edwards State Park (eastside) or Discovery Park (Magnolia) – As a bonus, February 20 is a fee-free day at many parks
  5. Anytime: Swim in one of the several public pools around the city

Have you heard of any other fun ideas to do in February?




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