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English as a Second Language Classes

Spending the year abroad working as an au pair can be an extraordinary self-development journey!  Over the years, I have found that people who move to another country tend to be very adventuresome, independent, great problem solvers, calm under stressful situations, open-minded, and interested in learning new things.  This rings true for our Seattle au pairs who have all of these personal characteristics and more!

bellevue college

I am continually impressed by people who can speak multiple languages.  A side benefit to working as an au pair in the US is improving your english language skills (if you are a non-native english speaker).  On the west coast, supposedly we don’t have an accent so wouldn’t you think that Seattle is the perfect place to learn and improve your English language skills?

o-WOMEN-IN-COLLEGE-facebookBelow you’ll find a list of some of the local, accredited, affordable, English as a Second Language (ESL) Class Options that work great for au pairs.  I have listed the School, and the classes, although these classes are specific to Spring Quarter 2017 and will change throughout the year. Please note that these classes will count toward an au pairs education requirement of 6 credits OR 72 hours (of class and homework time).


Seattle Central College Continuing Education

North Seattle College Continuing Education

  • ESL: Academic Writing for ESL ($225); Everyday English Conversation ($79); Intermediate and Advanced ESL ($275); Intermediate ESL Workshop: Speaking and Listening ($159)

Bellevue College English Language Institute 

  • ESL Community Program Classes: English Conversation I or II ($370); Grammar I or II ($370); English through Current Events ($298); Reading and Writing for Pleasure ($298)

School of Teaching English as a Second Language

  • ESL Class ($40)

Another option for english conversation that is NOT eligible for credit or hours is to join a free conversation group or class at the Seattle Public Library or King County Library System.

Have fun and take advantage of some of these great classes!

// Dawn


Image credits:

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