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Rattlesnake Ledge Hike

What a gorgeous day for a hike!  Several of the au pairs and I (and my baby boy) headed up to the mountains for a Saturday hike.



FullSizeRender_7Rattlesnake Ledge, is a four mile round trip hike with 1160 feet of elevation gain.  The trail was slightly muddy from our winter and spring rains but overall in great condition.

After an uphill climb and plenty of water breaks, we arrived at the summit after about one hour.  The climb was well worth the effort as we had sunshine and sweeping views of the Snoqualmie Valley and Cascade foothills for our picnic lunch.





And we certainly weren’t alone.  I think we had the same idea as most of Seattle!

FullSizeRender_3Although it would have been great to have the trail and the summit to ourselves, I love seeing all of the people exploring the outdoors and being active.

Next time I might just choose a less popular hike!

FullSizeRender_6We ended the trip soaking in the gorgeous spring beauty at Rattlesnake Lake.

FullSizeRender_10It was such a great day that I can’t wait for our next trip to the trails!

// Dawn


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